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I started my work experience in January!I think that's amazing. I know it seems so strage but I feel like that!I'm a graphic designer and communication designer!I like my job and I like the place where I work in this moment! But it's just a stage and it will end in a month...I hope I'll find another place quickly because I'm not able to stay at...

4 days left

Next week, the 3rd February, I'll have my graduation at University!Next weel I'll become hopefully Industrial design doctor...but I specialized in graphic design so it's better saying that I'll become graphic design doctor!!I hope everything is gonna be all right!!!...

No hope

In this days I watch many submition and I must confess I felt a little bit sad, because most of all are great great works. My works seems just incomplete sketches. I can just hope that in the future I would be able to do something acceptable....

hi everybody

Hi everybody, thisi is my first time on Artician. I'm new in this site so I have to to take my bearings! I uploaded some art of my portfolio: there are some drawings (both original and fanart), some photos (I'm trying to learn how to photograph) and some pieces of Graphic Art (I'm graduating at faculty of Industrial Design, on February...


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